How to Migrate from Exchange 2013 Hybrid Server (Onboarding using Migration Batch)

This script has been create to Migrate user from Exchange environment using Exchange 2013 Server as Hybrid Server. These 2 Script has been create to migrate user to the cloud using Migration Batch. These script will use a Users.csv file as input to create the Migration Batch. This CSV file need only the PrimarySMTPAddress of the user you want to migration to Office 365. every other information will be retreived, like the user UPN.

information need to be updated on this script will be:

  • Office 365 Global Admin UserName
  • Notification email Address to receive an email when the migration batch is completed
  • UsageLocation
  • Hybrid Server name (FQDN)
  • License SKU (using Get-MsolAccountSku)
  • Your target Domain (your

Sync v2.0.ps1

when you successfully run this script, you can the following script to complete the migration batch. if not complete the mailflow will be switch to office 365 and Migration batch will keep update the mailbox between both Organization (Office 365 & On-premise)


Author: John

I m a consultant who love Microsoft Exchange and try to learn as much as possible. so if you have any question related to Exchange please do not hesitate to ask. if I don't know I will know.

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