How to Check if your Server ADFS environment is using SQL or WID

Please find a powershell CMDLet will help to find out if your AD FS environment is using SQL or WID:

Get-WmiObject -class SecurityTokenService -namespace root/ADFS | select-object ConfigurationDatabaseConnectionString

  • For WID, we are expecting:

Data Source=np:\\.\pipe\
microsoft##WID\tsql\query;Initial Catalog=AdfsConfiguration;Integrated Security=True

  • For SQL we expecting:

Data Source=\\.\pipe\
mssql$microsoft##ssee\sql\query;Initial Catalog=AdfsConfiguration;Integrated Security=True

Author: John

I m a consultant who love Microsoft Exchange and try to learn as much as possible. so if you have any question related to Exchange please do not hesitate to ask. if I don't know I will know.

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