How to search a CorrelationID of ADFS login Page error in your AD FS Servers event Log


very often when I troubleshoot ADFS login page error, I need to match the CorrelationID with error on AD FS Server.

the quick way to find the CorrelationID(ActivityID) in the ADFS Server event log using Event viewer is:

  1. Event viewer
  2. Go to Event : Application and Services Logs\AD FS\Admin
  3. Right Click on Admin, then click on Find
  4. you can then type the CorrelationID provide by the failing usercorrelationid_find

Author: John

I m a consultant who love Microsoft Exchange and try to learn as much as possible. so if you have any question related to Exchange please do not hesitate to ask. if I don't know I will know.

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