How to check Exchange Attribut change using Repadmin while install Exchange CU



I have created a procedure (with a Powershell script – Link ) to install a CU on your exchange server. I have notice in complexed AD environment , the powershell script may fail.

So please find a second way using a old tools Repadmin:

  1. repadmin /showattr * “CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,dc=Company,dc=com” /atts:objectVersion
  2. repadmin /showattr * “CN=ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt, CN=Schema, CN=Configuration,dc=Company,dc=com” /atts:rangeUpper
  3. repadmin /showattr * “CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects,dc=Company,dc=com” /atts:objectVersion

Which CU is updating the Schema and\or AD:

  1. Exchange 2013:
  2. Exchange 2016 :

Author: John

I m a consultant who love Microsoft Exchange and try to learn as much as possible. so if you have any question related to Exchange please do not hesitate to ask. if I don't know I will know.

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